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A Beginner's Guide to the Proper Way How to Use a Sex Doll

by duokoro 22 Sep 2023 0 Comments
A Beginner's Guide to the Proper Way How to Use a Sex Doll

Understanding the proper usage of a sex doll may seem like a straightforward task. However, it requires a level of attention to detail that may not be immediately apparent. As such, before investing in this ultimate adult plaything, it is essential to read our comprehensive guide on how to use a sex doll. Our guide provides valuable tips on care and cleaning, as well as the best sexual positions to maximize your experience.

Upon receiving your life-sized TPE or silicone sex doll, it is crucial to exercise patience and care during the unboxing process. Unlike other packages, unpacking a sex doll requires a delicate touch. We recommend using a small blade box-cutter or rounded-tip safety scissors to remove the tape on the packaging to avoid damaging the doll. Additionally, it is essential to locate the instructions for unpacking your sex doll and care instructions and set them aside. Finally, remove any accessories from the box, such as extra clothing, the vaginal and anal irrigator, and the blanket with which some companies cover their dolls during shipping. If white, cotton gloves are included, they should be used immediately.

One of the most critical aspects of using a love doll is the post-shipment inspection. Most sex doll companies only provide a small window of time to report any flaws or damage to the doll. Therefore, it is crucial to check the doll from head to toe for any abrasions, creases, or other damage, including damage to the major and minor joints. If any damage is discovered, photographs should be taken immediately, and the company from which the doll was purchased should be contacted to find out how to have the doll repaired or returned. If the sex doll is in perfect condition, the next step of our guide can be followed.

In the event that a storage crate or hanging storage rack was not ordered for the sex doll, it is essential to save the shipping box. This box will fit the doll precisely and will keep it out of sunlight, protecting it from dust and dirt. We will discuss more storage options after further discussion on using a sex doll.

The Proper Way How to Properly Maintain Your Sex Doll

Upon receiving your sex doll, it is recommended to perform a light cleaning. Following this, it is imperative to clean any orifices immediately after use, while the rest of the doll can be cleaned every few weeks depending on frequency of use.

For general cleaning, use a non-abrasive sponge and soap and water to wipe down the body of the doll. Avoid getting the head and neck too wet, and then pat with a towel and leave to air dry. Once dry, apply talcum powder to the doll’s skin to protect it and avoid friction damage.

For a more thorough cleaning of the vaginal or anal tunnels, an irrigator or douche is recommended to flush the hole with soap before rinsing with clean water. Some brands offer UV sterilisation rods to speed up the process, and a few even double as a heating rod at the same time. Renewal powder can be applied to prolong the life of your doll while enhancing pleasure.

In the event of tears or stains, it is recommended to purchase a sex doll repair kit, such as Tantaly’s, which is ideal for TPE. For storage, a case or hooks can be used, or the doll can be kept in a cool, dark place in a sitting position or lying on its back without wearing any tight or dark fabrics.

Maximizing Your Experience with Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls are a popular choice for those seeking a lifelike and enjoyable sexual experience. However, to ensure that your doll remains in pristine condition and lasts for a long time, it is important to follow certain guidelines.

How to Effectively Utilize a Sex Doll for Intercourse

Assuming you are not a novice in the realm of sexual activity, you are likely already aware of how to engage in intercourse with a sex doll. In a previous discussion, we emphasized the importance of utilizing water-based lubricants when using a lifelike doll. This same principle applies when engaging in vaginal intercourse with a doll. Warm up the lubricant and apply it to both your genitalia and the doll's genitals.

If you desire the sensation of cuddling up to a warm body during intercourse, consider placing the sex doll under a heated blanket set on high for approximately 30 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity. This will result in the doll's skin warming up and feeling more human-like. Additionally, if your doll has a removable vagina, you can warm it in a sink of hot water for roughly 10 minutes before applying lubricant and engaging in warm, pleasurable intercourse.

Sex Doll Intercourse Positions

One of the most exciting aspects of sexual activity is the variety of positions that can be explored. A lifelike sex doll, crafted from TPE or silicone, can be posed in nearly every position that a human can achieve. Utilize your imagination, the furniture in your home, or even sex wedges and furniture to discover the positions that you find most enjoyable. Sex swings are also an excellent way to position a doll for intercourse.

Consider trying any of the following sex positions:

Vaginal Intercourse:
Vaginal sex is a classic and enjoyable way to engage with your sex doll. It is important to pay attention to the depth of the vagina to ensure that it can accommodate your size. Additionally, you can choose between a fixed or removable vagina made of silicone or TPE, both of which provide a realistic and pleasurable experience. It is safe to ejaculate inside your doll, but proper cleaning is necessary to avoid damage.

Anal Sex:
For those interested in anal sex, realistic sex dolls offer a tight and realistic anal hole that can provide an unforgettable experience.

Titty Sex:
Titty sex is a sexual activity that involves rubbing the penis back and forth in the cleavage formed by the gathered double breasts until orgasm is achieved. This activity is suitable for people of different physical conditions and can be used as an alternative to traditional sexual intercourse.

Water-based lubricants are recommended to enhance the experience, as oil-based and silicone-based lubricants can damage and stain the doll. It is important to apply lubricant gradually to avoid messiness.

Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the doll's condition. Most dolls come with a storage kit, and it is recommended to store the doll in a standing position with straight arms and legs to reduce pressure on the joints. Avoid storing the doll in places with extreme temperatures and poor ventilation.

Dressing Up:
For those interested in personalizing their doll, dressing up with lingerie, costumes, and accessories can enhance the experience. It is important to ensure that the clothing and accessories are of high quality to avoid damage to the doll's skin.

Proper hygiene is essential to maintaining the doll's condition. A vaginal irrigator can be used to clean the doll's private parts, and the doll should be wiped and air-dried after each use. Tight clothing and accessories should be removed to avoid damage to the skin. Baby powder or cornstarch powder can be used to keep the skin smooth.

Realistic sex dolls can provide a fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experience, but proper care is necessary to maintain their condition. By following these guidelines, you can maximize your experience with your sex doll and ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Preparing a Sex Doll for Use

Greetings, esteemed customers! While we trust that you are well-versed in the art of utilizing a sex doll, we implore you to exercise caution and refrain from immediately engaging in intimate activities upon unboxing your new acquisition.

Before proceeding, there are a few additional steps that must be taken to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your plaything.

Firstly, it is imperative to inspect the doll for any excess restoration powder, particularly on models crafted from TPE or silicone. This powder serves to prevent stickiness and maintain a lifelike texture. Using a soft, dry cloth, gently remove any excess powder from the doll's surface, paying special attention to the vaginal area.

Using Lubricants with a Sex Doll

Next, we must emphasize the importance of utilizing lubricants during sexual encounters. While TPE may be used in the construction of the doll, the genitalia are often made from high-quality silicone. Therefore, it is recommended to exclusively use water-based lubricants, which are safe for silicone and will not cause damage or dryness.

In addition to enhancing the realism of the experience, warming the lubricant prior to application can further heighten the sensation and provide a more natural feel.

How to Use a Sex Doll with Lubricants

It is crucial to note that sex dolls may feature orifices made from vinyl, TPE, or silicone. To ensure maximum safety and comfort, it is advisable to use water-based lubricants exclusively. Warming the lubricant beforehand can also contribute to a more lifelike experience.

Experience the Pleasure of Anal Intercourse with Your Realistic Doll

It is no secret that many men have a desire for anal sex. While this is a normal and healthy desire, finding a willing partner can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the availability of TPE or silicone Dutch wives, you can now indulge in this pleasure without any hassle.

Our lifelike adult dolls are designed to provide an intensely gratifying experience that is both realistic and tight. While it may seem unconventional at first, we encourage you to take the time to get used to the feel of your doll's body. With her by your side, you can enjoy countless sessions of anal intercourse without any limitations.

Invest in your pleasure and satisfaction today by exploring our range of lifelike dolls. Experience the ultimate pleasure of anal intercourse with a partner that is always willing and ready to please.

A Comprehensive Guide to Titty Sex

Sexual intercourse typically involves the insertion of the penis into the vagina until orgasm, which can last anywhere from a few seconds to half an hour. The duration of intercourse varies with age and physical condition, with young people having strong explosive power but shorter duration. Adults have a moderate duration and better control, while the elderly may experience vaginal dryness and may opt for titty sex. Those who are masters of sex and understand the changing charm of sex between partners often engage in titty sex.

Titty sex involves rubbing the penis back and forth in the cleavage formed by the breasts until orgasm, providing pleasure similar to vaginal intercourse. Women can appreciate the penis from all angles, visually increasing pleasure and stimulating their second sensitive parts, leading to rapid pleasure.

Breasts are a sensitive area for women, second only to the external genitalia. Touching or stimulating the nipple can stimulate sexual desire, and hugging and stroking the breasts during sexual contact can lead to sexual satisfaction. Sexy breasts have a great impact on men's libido, with breasts with good elasticity being squeezed and wrapped into a channel for continuous rubbing. This stimulation can achieve orgasm and provide tactile pleasure for women.

sex torso dolls

If you need titjob, we highly recommend our Big Boobs Sex Doll series.

Titty sex provides a unique and novel sexual experience, enhancing sexual desire visually and allowing women to stimulate other sensitive points such as the testicles and frenulum of the man. It is suitable for people with different physical conditions, such as those who cannot have sexual intercourse during menstruation or due to physical inconvenience. Titty sex is part of foreplay and should not be too long.

Skills for Titty Sex
Skills for titty sex include rubbing the nipples against the coronal sulcus and glans of the penis, straddling the breast, and inserting the penis from the bottom of the cleavage. The woman can lift her head and occasionally suck the glans with her mouth, while the man can control the double breasts and rub them against the testicles and inner thighs. Lubrication is essential, and partners should form a rhythm gradually.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your sex doll is crucial after engaging in sexual activity. Fortunately, there are various methods to achieve this. One effective way to clean a love doll is by bathing it in a bathtub. This is particularly convenient if the doll is lightweight and easy to lift. To begin, fill the bathtub with warm water and add a clear bubble bath that is free from dyes and heavy perfumes.

Cleaning a sex doll’s fixed vagina and anus is crucial to avoid mold, mildew and bacteria growth. This should be done after each use and during the recommended every 7–12-day bath or shower. There are two ways this can be done, during a sponge bath and while bathing or showering.

It is worth noting that you can also join your doll in the tub for a more intimate experience. Once the doll is in the tub, ensure that its back is against the back of the tub and that no water reaches the neck area where the head attaches. If water does get into this area, dry it immediately by removing the doll's head and drying the neck bolt and connector inside the head.

Using a soft sponge or washcloth, gently wash the love doll and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. When washing the doll's face, use only a cloth or sponge and avoid saturating the face, which can cause water to run down into the neck crack. After washing, rinse the washcloth and dab the doll's face to remove any soap or residue left behind. It is crucial to use a mild soap with no dyes or harsh additives for the entire bath, including the doll's face. Baby soaps, shampoos, and washes are ideal for this purpose.

Lastly, it is essential to avoid using force when washing a TPE, silicone, or rubber sex doll. Applying too much pressure can damage the skin, causing a rip or tear that will require repair.

We hope that these guidelines will assist you in achieving the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment from your sex doll. Thank you for choosing our products and services.

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