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Superb quality!

This toy is super fun and amazing quality. It feels amazing and looks great too. Quite easy to clean too. If you are thinking about getting one look no farther. This is what you have been looking for.

Thicc But In a Good WAy

after a few sessions with this toy i cant seem to put it down between its light weight yet tight insides it seems to always hit the spot im looking for ,and when its all over its super flexable and easy to clean, it is nice and compact ish so can be stored in a dresser drawer with ease. honestly one of my favorite toys in my collection ^.^

Great addition to my collection of toys

Love the new toy. Have used it several times since I got it and it definitely does the job - even for a gay man.
It is soft to the touch - good quality silicon. The holes are tight enough that it has a good feel - the bum hole a bit tighter than the vag so you get a different sensation in each.
I used my friend's fleshlight recently and find that this is more enjoyable - no rigid edges to catch or scrape anything on!
Recommend adding this to your collection!
ps - cleaning can be a bit cumbersome if you do not have some sort of cleanout tool (like a douche or a shower head connection) The dry stick that is included is handy but the holes still need to be rinsed after use and then dried.

Feels so real!

So realistic and feels like the real thing.

Discreet packaging

I was shocked at how weighted the toy was but the material was so soft I had to test it out immediately. The weight added to experience! And I didn’t have to worry about nosey neighbors with the discreet package.