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The Future of Sex Dolls

by koro duo 26 Apr 2023 0 Comments

The sex doll industry has come a long way from lifeless blow-up dolls to today's hulking TPE sex dolls that look like flesh and blood. With the demand for customizable sex dolls increasing every day, manufacturers are working harder than ever to make better sex dolls every day.

This has led to fierce competition in the market, with manufacturer Tantaly developing new features to lure potential customers with more elaborate sex dolls. However, it also leaves potential buyers confused as to when to step foot in the market for the best sex dolls. Let's take a look at the future of these realistic sex toys today so you can make an informed decision!


Tantaly Dita


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used in the manufacture of TPE sex dolls for decades, but the way it participates in the process every time makes it the number one trend on our list. Thanks to advances in modern technology, AI sex dolls (or should we call them sex robots) can perform a number of functions that take them up a few notches in the realistic or humanoid range.

Realistic artificial intelligence sex dolls not only look like real people, but also move like real people. For example, AI sex dolls can blink, respond, communicate, change facial expressions, and even maintain a healthy body temperature. Tantaly is dedicated to the rational implementation of artificial intelligence, providing the best artificial intelligence sex dolls for all those who want to enjoy good, realistic and futuristic sex for a long time.

shemale sex torso

Opportunities for Customization

Everyone has unique preferences, especially when it comes to female torso sex dolls. Someone likes curvy blondes, someone has a soft spot for petite Asian sex dolls; some may lean towards BDSM, while others just want sweet love with their partner. Why would anyone settle for anything less than perfect, especially when life is meant to be imperfect? So shouldn't there be a window of opportunity for us to be who we really are, if only for a little while?

This idea moved the Tantalyshop team, which is why we have a huge selection of customizable sex dolls in our online store. Everything from their hair and skin tone to their pubic hair is customizable. In fact, you can even choose penis size for male torso sex dolls, breast type (regular TPE or gel filled) and vagina type (built-in or removable) for female sex dolls. Here you can easily customize sex dolls and bring home the sex partner of your dreams.

male sex torso

Lifelike Movement

One thing that keeps love dolls far behind human companions is a lack of exercise. But today, trusted sex doll makers like Tantalyshop have largely bridged that gap. Not only do the dolls' TPE skins make them look and feel incredibly realistic, but their built-in systems like our signature moving ass, touching and moaning, real-feeling pussy and dick-sucking functions add realism to them reality.

Our shemale torso sex dolls are best sellers designed to transport users to another world of pleasure, fulfillment and passion. On the one hand, sex dolls with moving butts are designed to move their hips to please your manhood. Cock sucking dolls, on the other hand, will suck your cock and make you orgasm like never before.

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