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4 Things You're Constantly Doing To Your Sex Dolls

by koro duo 27 Apr 2023 0 Comments

As sex dolls have grown into a multibillion-dollar global industry, the perception of them as taboo has waned and people are talking about them openly. And one of the most searched topics to hit the top search engines in this regard is the care and maintenance of sex dolls, especially life-size sex dolls. People are not wrong in trying to find answers to these questions, as the most common materials used to make these sex dolls (thermoplastic elastomer and silicone) can easily lose color, smoothness, texture and flexibility if not cared for properly.

Consciously or not, users of Tantaly sex dolls make mistakes every day when handling their priceless possessions that can cause serious damage to the love doll. If your silicone sex doll is disfigured or damaged by an accident like this, you risk losing the long-term bond you've built with her over the years. Even if you're a new user, the heartache of ruining your recently purchased custom sex doll (which you've spent hours personalizing to your liking) can be unprecedented.

Damage to her skin, bones, and wig can also affect your pocket, so it's wise to take some basic steps to ensure the health of your sex doll so she can serve you uninterrupted for years. We never want our valued customers to be in such a predicament, that's why the Tantalyshop team created the list. So, let's start with the most common mistakes sex doll users make:

Avoid frequent washing and drying

Many people who use male torso sex dolls for the first time think they can escape the task of cleaning the doll regularly. But experienced users will vouch for regular cleaning once your sex doll arrives at your door. Just like you, sex dolls need to be washed and dried regularly, especially after each use or when changing users. Or they can lead to infections or even STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

These sex torsos really do collect dust when not in use, just like any other piece of furniture. However, if you need to keep your sex doll for long-term storage due to overseas travel or other reasons, you can wrap it up, put it in the original box, and store it in a cool and dry place until you need it. Keep dust out. If you want to know how to clean my TPE sex doll, all you need to do is refer to the instruction manual that came with the sex doll. It usually only takes about half an hour, and it doesn't have to be done every day. Remember to dry your sex doll thoroughly after each cleaning to avoid mold growth.

Do it without a good lube

You might be good at wetting women with exciting foreplay, but that's not going to get your sex doll anywhere. A life-size female torso sex doll look just like a real woman, but it can't produce natural lubricants, right? And since it's designed to deliver a virginal experience every time, getting to the penetrable point isn't as easy.

Indulging in a sex doll that doesn't have a good lubricant can not only make for an awkward sexual experience, but it can also tear your doll's vaginal skin. Adding lube to sex with a doll can make a world of difference, as can going solo. But before you go ahead and add some of the popular lubes to your online shopping cart, you need to consider your sex doll's material. You can also enjoy pleasurable penetration with sex dolls using condoms. Water based lubricants are ideal for our high quality yet affordable full size TPE sex dolls. You must keep your TPE sex doll away from lubricants that contain petroleum or silicone.

Sharing sex dolls with others

Some may find the idea of sharing your custom TPE sex doll with others weird, but some will find the same idea amusing. A life-size sex doll can be a serious investment, and these folks see it as an opportunity for "intensive use," like some high-end OTT platforms.

In fact, sex doll brothels are thriving in some parts of the world, where people pay an affordable percentage of the total cost to spend quality time with these sex toys. But in some serious cases, it can carry all the potential risks of infection, even life-threatening illness, and do more harm than good. In fact, some sex toy experts believe this is the biggest mistake a sex doll owner can make.

Seeking advice from the wrong sources

If you happen to search for "what should I remember as a sex doll user?", the chances of getting the right answer are pretty slim. Maintenance guidelines for sex dolls can vary widely depending on the material and construction. Instead of risking the life of your sex doll and ending up in trouble because of something you read online somewhere, it's a safe idea to contact your sex doll seller.

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