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Sex Doll Love Toys Fully Carries Its Own Sexual Function

by koro duo 09 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Sex Doll Love Toys Fully Carries Its Own Sexual Function

Sex dolls are a new toy. The doll became the product of adult fantasy, which implicated the changes in the entire civilization. The emergence of sex dolls tantaly aurora attests to the general nature of human relationships with sex in consumer society, which, like relationships with other things, is governed by processes of simulation and reproduction. The driving force is an artificial, insane desire for realism—that is, in this case, the confusion of sex with the “objective” reality of sexual organs.

aurora sexy

A closer look reveals that this is true of the use of color on television, the broadcast of nude advertisements or other forms of bodily nudity, those involved in producing or "substantially and actively" participating in the "total" spectacle (scene) of avant-garde theatre. The same goes for the audience: everywhere they find a desire for "truth" or "wholeness" being systematically and artificially reproduced on the basis of a pre-divided division of labor or functions.

In the case of sex dolls (corresponding to sex as a toy, as a childish trick), sex as a whole must first be separated from its symbolic exchange function in order to be able to limit it to sexual symbols (genitals, nudity, secondary sexual characteristics, other objects with sexual connotations), and assign these to individuals as private property or individual attributes.

Traditional dolls already fully carry their own symbolic (and therefore sexual) functions. So decorating it with a specific sexual symbol is, in a sense, tantaly sex doll removing that symbolic function and limiting the object to a dramatic function. This is not an exception: sex is attached to dolls as a secondary attribute, as sexual disguise, and indeed as a censorship of symbolic functions, this naked body and erotic disguise, and the surrounding celebration of body symbols .

Sex becomes a comprehensive, symbolic structure of exchange:
1. Abolish its symbolic function and replace it with realistic, significant, dramatic meaning and "sexual needs".
2. Remove the exchange function (which is the basic function), individuate eros, assign sex to individuals and assign individuals to sex.

This is a continuation of the technical and social division of labor. The sexual function becomes fragmented and assigned to the individual as "private" property (as does the subconscious mind). So what is happening, and the only thing happening, is a symbolic exchange of denial.

Or to put it another way, the overall process of denying sex transcends functional divisions (that is, denying sex is subversive): once its full, symbolic exchange function is deconstructed and lost, sex falls into use value/exchange In the dual model of value (these two aspects are also constitutive features of the concept of things). It is reified as an isolated function, including:
1. Individual use value (realized through his/her own gender, "sexual skills" and "sexual needs". Because in this case, it has become a question of technology and needs rather than a question of desire);
2. Exchange value (it is no longer symbolic, but of economic and commercial value, such as various forms of prostitution. Or, as is more important today, exhibits significant symbolic value, such as "sexual status" ). That’s the whole story told by sex dolls tantaly monroe pretending to mark “the progress of the times.”

mia monroe sex

Like the naked female buttocks that appear as extras on record players or Air India ads, this sexiness is a logical transgression. It's as weird as the bras worn by prepubescent girls (which can be seen on the beach). Although their superficial forms are different, they present the same meaning. One is covering up, the other is "uncovering" the covering, but both are equally artificial and as hypocritical as the Puritans. In both cases there is an artificial pastiche, and through these overt, always metaphysical pastiches based on realism, there is always a censorship at work - where reality becomes the opposite of the real. materialize.

The more symbols/attributes of reality are used, the more perfect the imitation becomes and the less truth there is, and truth review can only be achieved by turning the indictment of symbolism towards the metaphysics of a culture that objectifies gender. Today, everything (not just dolls) is artificially sexualized in this way, the better to expel sexual and symbolic functions. But there is a surprising special case here. Well-intentioned parents used sex education as an excuse to use excessive deductive sexual symbols to present the low social status of sexual desire, and implemented a veritable castration on their children.

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