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Guidance on How to Pick Clothes for Torso Sex Dolls To Make Her Sexy

by duokoro 16 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Guidance on How to Pick Clothes for Torso Sex Dolls To Make Her Sexy

Choosing clothes for your tantaly torso sex doll is an important aspect of enhancing the realism and personalization of your experience. Sex dolls may be made purely for sex, but that doesn't mean they have to be naked all the time. Clothing can add personality to your sex doll through style. Lingerie can help set the mood in the bedroom, casual wear is great for non-sexual interactions at home, and formal wear is perfect for special occasions between you and your torso doll sex toy. Some people like to dress their dolls in cosplay costumes, or have their sex dolls modeled after a favorite fictional character.Many people buy their favorite dolls from tantalyshop.com but don't know how to choose the right clothes for their dolls. This article will provide indicative guidance on clothing sizing for tantalyshop.com sex dolls and tell you what to consider when choosing clothing.

Sexy Stylish And Adorable Outfits for Your Life-Size Dolls

In principle, your tantaly sex doll should wear the clothes that you like the most and turn you on the most. In order to keep your tantaly sex doll from discoloring due to clothing, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. What exactly does this mean and how to find the best fit for your real doll, you can read on to find out. The only sky is the limit when it comes to dressing up your doll, you can create entirely new characters, immerse yourself in different role plays based on the clothes she wears, and do many other things to express your creativity while also tailoring them to your own personal Customize your sex doll to your liking.

How to Measure Your Sex Doll?

One of the biggest challenges when buying clothes for a sex doll is choosing the right size. Unlike real people, it's not very practical to go shopping with a doll, and even if you get over it, you're bound to be scorned by those who don't know how to mind their own business. However, on the other hand, choosing the wrong size and wasting money on something that doesn't look good at all is not an option either. Therefore, the only reasonable thing to do before getting something you really like is to measure your sex doll's proportions. This may sound cumbersome, but it's actually very simple. Below, you'll find detailed instructions on how to properly measure various parts of your body. Once you're done, you should write down your measurements and find the size that's closest to your measurements. This will tell you which size to look for when buying clothes for your sex doll.

Female sex dolls with large breasts, hips, butts, and thin waists are the hardest to find due to the huge size variation. Height can also be an issue with both types of sex dolls. The best way to get the right fit is to have your clothes altered to the closest size to your tantaly sex doll yourself or by a professional tailor. Measure key areas on your tantaly sex doll and compare on the size chart. Then write down the size that's closest to your measurements, maybe one size larger, so you'll get the closest size and make it easier to get the right fit if you choose to change. But don’t worry, the details page of the torso doll in our store explains the doll’s parameters in detail. You can choose the right clothes for your doll based on the data in the parameter table.

Determining Clothes Size - Here's How It Works

As an adult, you usually know your clothing size so you can buy clothes that fit. Using a tantaly toy can be a little difficult without the right help. Luckily, finding the right clothes for your sex doll torso is very easy, you just need some size specifications, which tantalyshop clearly states in the description of each love doll. For example, Upper Bust and Under Bust of tantaly monica are 33.4in and 19.09in respectively. Bust, waist and hip measurements are required. The adjacent table makes it easy to see what garment sizes these three values produce. Like a real woman, your sex doll will most likely not be completely proportioned. This would be the case, for example, if she has a slim waist but a wide pelvis. In order to find the right size, you have to try on several pieces of clothing and if in doubt, always choose the next larger size.

Tantaly Monica 2.0 40.7LB Real Life Huge Sexy Tits Sex Dolls Torso

Things to Note Before Dressing Up:

First of all, before putting on clothes, you need to apply a layer of baby powder/cornstarch on the surface of the tantaly sex doll, which will make the doll look more realistic and easier to put on clothes.

Secondly, don’t dress your doll in very brightly colored clothes. Because TPE is oily, once dyed, the color cannot be washed away, so it is best to wear white, light pink or flesh-colored clothes. This is very important.

Third, clothes that are too tight and one-piece are not suitable for sex torso dolls. They are not easy to wear and easily develop creases when worn for a long time.

Fourth, do not wear clothes with sharp decorations, such as brooches, sequins, chains, etc., as there is a risk of scratching the doll.

Bra sizing uses a unique system based on two measurements of bust:

To determine your doll's strap size, use a tape measure to measure around her ribs just below her chest. This is the area where the bra strap goes around her torso. Pull the tape tight and note this measurement. If your doll's dimensions are fractions (e.g. 33 1/2 inches), round to the nearest whole number (34 inches).

Band sizes are measured in even numbers, so if your doll is an odd size, you may want to try one size up and one down (if you're a 35-incher, try a bra size 34 and a size 36). To find your doll's bust size, place a measuring tape around her back and measure the fullest point of her breasts, usually the nipples. Write down this measurement. Next, you need to subtract your bust measurement from your bust measurement. The difference between these two numbers is the key to finding your doll cup size.

Cup size
The cup size can be calculated using the difference between bust size and band size. Refer to the table below.

Bust/band difference in inches US cup size UK/AU cup size
<1 AA AA
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C
4 D D
5 E or DD DD
6 F or DDD E
7 G or DDDD F
8 H FF
9 I G
10 J GG
11 K H
12 L HH
13 M J
14 N JJ

For example, the upper bust of tantaly candice is 33.07in/84cm, and the under bust of Tantaly Candice is 22.83in/53cm, According to the data in the above table, you can know what cup size Tantaly Candice is.

tantaly candice review

What fabrics are safe for sex dolls? Additionally, some fabrics are so safe for your sex doll that you will most likely never encounter any stains or any other unpleasant surprises when taking them off. Here are some of the safest sex doll fabrics:


Also, ideal colors that are safe for TPE and silicone are soft pastel colors, beige, white, cream, light pink and blue, lilac, lilac, green, etc.

Remember that dressing your torso sex doll can be a fun and creative process, allowing you to personalize your experience and create the desired atmosphere. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you'll be well on your way to choosing clothing that enhances the realism and enjoyment of your intimate moments with your doll.

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