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Why are Tantaly Sex Torso So Popular in The US?

by koro duo 21 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Some people choose realistic female sex dolls as their favorite characters, some people dress up as partners, and as long as they dress up as partners, they can participate in various parties and gatherings. Additionally, cosplayers can use these figures to gain friends and followers on social media. They think of dolls in costumes, post photos on professional forums and social media sites, and look for clothes that impress their followers.

They are used in the gaming industry

What kind of video game company uses these love dolls, and what kind of game do you want to make? The beauty of these live dolls is that they look very realistic and realistic. Sure, you can enjoy hours in the bedroom without clothes on, but if you dress up outside the bedroom, the doll will look like a belle from the street. What does this have to do with games? Some game companies actually use these dolls as models for video games. The puppets will be used as part of a video game being developed as a motion capture and silhouette scanning feature.

Tantaly Jennifer

What are the main advantages of these sex dolls?

Now you can see that these avatar dolls are very popular. Why? In fact, there are several reasons. These include: Hyperreal - As mentioned earlier, these Tantaly sex doll feel close to human skin, you can imagine the hyperreal skin-like texture made of TPE. Dolls are not cheap, but buying them will give you money. If you're a life-size doll collector, Avatar fan, movie buff, or all three, these dolls will be a hit in your collection.

Realistic sex dolls for cosplay community

Cheap sex doll role-playing games are very popular all over the world, especially in the US and elsewhere. RPGs are basically a basic way of thinking about texts (dramas). Whether you're from TV, movies, cartoons, games or graphic novels, your favorite fictional characters are in disguise. However, many cosplayers use these realistic puppets as part of their cosplay.

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