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In the age of fast food, why do people buy sex dolls?

by koro duo 15 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Adult sex dolls have been a point of contention for some time in the past. That's because, well-known Tantaly manufacturers in the industry said in an interview that the dolls they created can be so realistic that they are indistinguishable from real people's bodies, and are even more beautiful than many real people.

In an era characterized by instant gratification and fast-paced living, the phenomenon of sex doll ownership has piqued the curiosity of many. While fast food satisfies our hunger in the blink of an eye, the appeal of sex dolls lies in a deeper and more profound desire for intimacy, connection, and self-discovery. In this exploration of human needs and desires, we unravel the reasons why people turn to sex dolls in the age of fast food.

full torso sex doll

The Deeper Reasons People Buy Sex Dolls

Let's not discuss whether they are exaggerating their technology and have attracted the attention of the masses, but it has indeed changed the current interpersonal situation. As many people who have stepped into this circle have said: "I like people, but I don't like being around people!"

This seemingly contradictory sentence is actually not the case. Anyone who buys Tantaly's products will no longer need any friends of the opposite sex. The torso dolls they produce are sold on all major e-commerce platforms, and their astonishing beauty is amazing.

It is mentioned in the article: "The main customers of these male torso sex dolls are not only the imaginary bachelors, but also collectors who like statue crafts and body art." In other words, human facial features and limbs are gradually and accurately molded And copy, and then focus on selling to these customers, a huge number of groups.

ebony torso sex doll

Are sex dolls better than real women?

But are these real-life dolls really better than humans? Pete Cannara, director of New York Psychological Services, explained how love with a doll differs from love with a real person because female torso sex dolls have no emotional or interpersonal feedback. Sex dolls offer an opportunity to mirror emotions, and attachment to inanimate objects is akin to fetishism, limited only by imagination. He emphasized the importance of sex and intimacy to humans. "Besides the basic needs of eating, drinking, and breathing, sex and relationships are second only to them," he said.

While some would say it's best to make this connection with someone who can think and talk to you, there are actually a number of psychological reasons why a person might like something else, including lack of human interaction, shyness or social anxiety, lack of Social experience and self-awareness, or have been hit by a partner.

ebony sex torso

Sex Dolls Are Lonely Companions

Intimate relationships play an important role throughout a person's life, and social isolation can have devastating effects on people's mental and physical health as they age. For those without a life partner, adult dolls have many benefits. People who have lost a partner through death, divorce or breakup, and who have difficulty obtaining a partner due to disability can benefit from dolls.

This opportunity for expression, and the feeling of being in the company of "someone" can lessen and relieve feelings of loneliness. In addition, as far as art is concerned, human beings are complex animals. It seems unrealistic to study human nature thoroughly, but the study of the beauty of the human body has been gradually realized.

Some believe that a deep relationship with a sex doll may lead humans to avoid real social interaction and isolate themselves from society. However, at least for the time being, it is not possible, and as the industry develops, humans can already interact with more realistic AI robot sex dolls, and perhaps many problems will be more complicated by then.

ebony sex doll torso

In the age of fast food, the allure of sex dolls lies in their ability to address fundamental human needs for companionship, intimacy, and self-discovery. Beyond the quick fixes and instant gratification of fast food, sex dolls offer a deeper and more profound experience of pleasure, self-connection, and acceptance. As individuals seek to navigate the complexities of modern life, sex dolls provide a safe haven for genuine intimacy, empowerment, and the celebration of individual desires.

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