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How has the public reacted to the increasingly popular Tantaly dolls?

by koro duo 06 Apr 2023 0 Comments

The idea of torso sex dolls becoming a common and accepted part of society in the future is strange, but the data shows that the number of Tantaly torso dolls is growing by leaps and bounds.

In the future, having a sexual torso will no longer be considered unusual or taboo, nor will it be a surprising topic to discuss. Many people may disagree with this statement, but history shows that social attitudes and industry norms change over time, and there is more context to support this view.

Trace History

Adult toys have been used as assistive devices for thousands of years. Thankfully, they have undergone significant improvements since their creation thousands of years ago. Over the past 50 years, this industry of providing broad assistance has grown.

When sex dolls first appeared decades ago, they were considered taboo. Today, it is considered an appropriate and acceptable way of self-satisfaction, and it should be.

Evolution of sexual attitudes and industry norms

In the 1990s, it was considered very unusual to buy adult products. Decades ago, owning even a simple product seemed like a shame. But these days, having it is no more commonplace than having an alarm clock by your bed.

The same applies to male torso sex dolls, if you owned a sex doll fifty or sixty years ago, the police would have probably raided, arrested you, and confiscated the real doll, not an exaggeration. While there was no law against owning a love doll at the time, it could have happened that, while going to be acquitted, it seemed to be forever cast aside and labeled deviant by those around him.

In the 80s and 90s, sex doll torsos started to be seen by most people as something harmless and fun. While it may not have been fully accepted, negative labels such as "pervert" and "disgusting" have decreased significantly. These days, the dolls occasionally appear in college dorms as a source of spoofs, and the perception of physical dolls is starting to shift from nasty to amusing.

Currently, adult sex dolls are not as widely accepted as other types of assistive sex products. Before people could engage with real dolls openly and without judgment, they remained a lingering stigma for some. But as torso dolls continue to gain acceptance, society has become more open about these products, and this trend is expected to continue.

What causes stigma?

There are several potential reasons for this stigma, mostly rooted in outdated and conservative thinking.

The purpose of owning a sex doll is the same as any other consensual, morally acceptable behavior: self-gratification without harming others. In this respect, owning a torso doll is no different than owning a book. However, certain parts of society continue to stigmatize sex toys. While Tantaly dolls are gaining acceptance and are no longer considered "weird," misconceptions persist, with some people unfairly judging those who own them.

Do Torso Sex Dolls Affect Relationships?

Owning a female torso sex doll is thought to increase harmful attitudes towards women, such as chauvinism or machismo. But this view is unfounded, as there is no evidence of a link between adult toy use and negative attitudes towards women. Gender equality has improved dramatically in recent decades as adult toys have grown in popularity. It's worth noting that critics often justify their negative attitudes toward adult toy use with baseless accusations.

What does the future look like?

It's not out of the question to imagine future sex dolls that can walk, talk and interact like humans. While this is unlikely to happen in our lifetime, it's not hard to imagine that our descendants will consider our current societal views of robotic sex dolls outdated and primitive. People today might find it amusing that previous generations thought a simple adult toy was shameful and outrageous, and future generations might feel similarly about today's love doll dolls.

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