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Proper Use of Tantaly Doll Skin Repair Kit

by koro duo 06 Apr 2023 0 Comments

When you have a Tantaly doll, you may experience tearing, cracking, etc., but don't worry! Since there are already skin repair kits out there that can fix it, all you need is to learn how to use it properly.

Your Tantaly Doll is more than just an intimate companion; it's a work of art that deserves meticulous care and attention. As with any cherished possession, occasional wear and tear may occur. That's where the Tantaly Doll Skin Repair Kit comes to the rescue, providing you with the tools and knowledge to keep your doll's skin in pristine condition. In this copy, we'll guide you through the proper use of the Tantaly Doll Skin Repair Kit, ensuring that your beloved companion remains as beautiful and lifelike as the day you first met.

To start, the Tantaly doll skin repair kit includes a portable iron, a bottle of TPE sex doll glue, a bottle of color changing paste, four pieces of TPE material, and a power adapter. Each tool has a different function and solves a different problem.

Use TPE doll glue to glue small gaps

Without adequate care, after using your female torso sex doll for a while, you may notice tears or small gaps in the body of the doll. Don't worry, we have prepared special TPE doll repair glue for you.

TPE doll glue

Before using TPE doll glue, the damaged parts of the doll must be thoroughly cleaned. It is recommended to use makeup remover wipes, try not to do too much rubbing, just remove any residue. Then you only need to use a cotton swab to absorb a little glue and apply it evenly on the torn surface, and then apply light pressure to fix it for 1 minute. After bonding, the skin can be further repaired with an electric iron.

TPE glue is a special solvent for this material. Its function is to slightly melt the zero part of the TPE doll and bond them together by applying pressure. This allows for a nice finish and ensures the product won't crack again in the same place.

Use Discoloration Cream if there is color difference

discoloration cream

Is there something unexplained that is causing your doll to get dirty and affecting her beauty? In response to this problem, Tantaly brings this color-changing cream with a certain fragrance and no caustic ingredients. So you can use it with confidence. All you need to do is apply the cream evenly on the doll's stained skin with a cotton swab and let it sit for a while. The longer the cream stays on, the better it will remove.

Use TPE material to fill large recessed openings


If your torso doll has a large damage during use, it cannot be repaired with TPE doll glue. At this time, you need to use TPE material to fill the depression.

Tantaly Doll Repair Kit

Thoroughly clean the damaged parts of the male torso sex doll before repairing. Then choose the TPE material suitable for the skin color of the torso doll, use a heated portable electric iron to melt an appropriate amount of TPE material to fill the depression, and slowly iron the damaged part with a metal heating rod to gradually smooth the damaged part. (Note: ※Do not touch other parts except the yellow grip. ※It is normal for the heating rod to turn yellow when heated.) After drying, you can apply some Tantaly regeneration powder.

Good maintenance can avoid damage to the doll

The reason why Tantaly enjoys a good reputation is that in addition to the best product quality and experience, it also provides a variety of accessories to help customers solve problems encountered during use. Of course, we must understand a truth, a correct and continuous maintenance is the most correct way to protect the skin of the torso doll.

The Tantaly Doll Skin Repair Kit is your partner in preserving the beauty and lifelike appearance of your beloved companion. By following these simple steps and treating your Tantaly Doll with care and attention, you can ensure that it remains as stunning and alluring as the day it first captured your heart. Invest in the Tantaly Doll Skin Repair Kit, and let your Tantaly Doll continue to be a source of joy, pleasure, and beauty in your life for years to come.

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