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Sex Doll Wig Cleaning Procedures and Tips

by koro duo 15 Apr 2023 0 Comments

We all know that managing those soft adult doll wigs is not an easy task. What shampoo do you use? Should I use conditioner? Do you want to untie the wig before washing it? These are the questions that plague most of us when we come across a dirty wig and want to wash it. It must be admitted that cleaning wigs is a complex task, especially when one is not equipped with the correct tools and information.

Just like with human hair, the lustrous wigs adorning sex dolls require tender care and maintenance to retain their captivating appeal. Cleaning and preserving these wigs is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain their vibrant allure. In this guide to wig care, we reveal the procedures and tips that will leave your sex doll's wig looking radiant and revitalized, a true crowning glory.

tpe sex doll torso

To be fair, cleaning a male torso sex doll wig is not a difficult task if you know the right technique. However, thinking of it as a mundane task and proceeding without considering any formal advice or instructions is not the right way to approach it. Not in this case at least, and if you clean it recklessly, the wig can be severely damaged. So, the best way is to follow these simple steps:

torso sex doll with head

Preparation before cleaning

If you don't want to completely ruin your wig, you can't simply put it under a running faucet. The first step should be to untangle the hair. Yes, we know it's not an ADHD-inducing messy job, it's all for your dolls. It is very common and natural for the wig to tangle up, this step must be done before rinsing the wig, and when you have completed this step, it is safe to rinse.

As said before, instead of simply throwing the wig under the tap, it is recommended that you slowly soak the wig in warm water for at least an hour or so, this will dislodge dust particles and other foreign matter from the wig.

torso sex doll for women

Use shampoo and conditioner

This is the part where we actually start cleaning. Contrary to the imaginary idea that you need to use expensive shampoo, in fact, you can use any shampoo you think is suitable, and the same is true for conditioner. There is absolutely no need to waste money, just choose a common one. Next, rinse the wig gently and thoroughly. Conditioner can be used to make the wig silky and shiny, but this is more of a preference than a necessity.

the piper sex doll torso

Dry after washing

Wait for a while after applying the conditioner, and rinse with warm water again. Note that it is best to use warm water for the cleaning part, which will not easily damage the texture of the wig. Finally, choose a soft washcloth and gently squeeze any excess water without kneading it until it stops dripping. Next, you can choose to dry it with a hair dryer, the wind must be slow and not overheated; of course, you can also choose to dry it naturally, but you need to avoid direct sunlight.

Above, the cleaning of the adult sex doll's wig is completed.

With the proper care and attention, sex doll wigs can maintain their alluring beauty and vitality, enhancing the overall appearance of your beloved companion. Regular cleaning and gentle handling will ensure that your sex doll's wig continues to shine, adding to the allure and intimacy of your unique encounters. Embrace the art of wig care, and revel in the joy of a radiant and revitalized sex doll wig that complements the enchanting beauty of your intimate companion.

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