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How to Warm Up a Sex Doll?

by koro duo 19 May 2023 0 Comments

Before heating Tantaly sex dolls, please be sure to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer and strictly follow the relevant safety procedures. Here are some basic steps:

Get a suitable heater: You can buy a USB Heating Rod designed specifically for sex dolls, or you can use a regular heater like an electric blanket or heating pad, but make sure it fits the size of the doll.

Turn on the heater and adjust the temperature: Follow the steps described in the instruction manual to turn on the heater and adjust the temperature to your desired level. Generally, the optimum temperature range is between 37°C and 40°C.

Tantaly Dita

Putting the Female Torso Sex Doll in the Heater: Before putting the doll in the heater, make sure both the heater and the plug are plugged in. Gently curl the doll into an appropriately sized ball and place it in the warmer. Be careful not to let any part of the doll get too close to the inner parts of the heater to avoid damage.

Wait for the heating to complete: Wait for the heater to complete the heating process for the amount of time specified in the instruction manual, which usually takes 20 to 30 minutes. Do not overheat the doll, it may deform or damage it.

Remove doll and check temperature: Make sure heater is off and unplugged before removing doll. Gently take the doll out and feel the temperature with your hands. If the temperature is too high, please wait a few minutes and check again.

Using the doll: When you confirm that the temperature of the doll is right, you can start using it. Note that dolls should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before use to ensure safe hygiene.

In conclusion, please make sure you strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and operate the heater correctly to ensure the safety and long life of the sex doll during use.

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