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How to Clean Sex Torso

by LIANG LIU 23 Mar 2023 0 Comments

How to choose a good torso sex doll

Sex torso is the most commonly used masturbation device for men. Many people have experience and experience in how to choose good quality and cheap torso dolls. Here, we recommend you to choose Tantaly, because it has won the reputation of many customers with its own quality, and you can even see Tantaly's loyal fans on social media and forums.

Why You Should Clean a Torso Sex Doll

No matter how many advantages sex dolls have, an inevitable problem is that necessary cleaning and maintenance must be carried out after each use. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong the service life of torso dolls and make your experience more comfortable. Safe and comfortable. Here will provide some tutorials on cleaning/drying/maintaining the torso to make it easier for you to solve these troubles.

When Do You Need To Clean Your Sex Torso Doll

Every time you have sex with the torso doll, you can imagine that there is your semen or lubricating fluid in the vagina/anal passage. These residues are prone to breed various bacteria. If they are not cleaned up, there will be safety hazards in the next use. Therefore, it must be cleaned after each use.

How to Clean a Sex Doll Torso

First, you'll need a Tantaly Sex Doll Cleaning Kit. Contains a portable sex doll washer, two drying sticks, a doll storage bag, and a lubricant applicator.

In the first step, use a washer to wash the vagina and anus of the torso doll. This bulb shaped sex doll washer provides you with a convenient and efficient cleaning experience. Squeeze it lightly, and water can be sprayed from the 4 powerful nozzles, immediately flushing sperm and lubricant out of the doll's passages. This way of cleaning the doll can thoroughly and effectively prevent bacteria from remaining.

In the second step, after cleaning, you can use a Absorbent Stick to absorb the moisture in the channel. The drying stick will absorb residual fluid and help inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the doll, thus ensuring the health of the male penis. The Tantaly Drying Stick is a reusable stick that can be used to absorb most of the moisture from sex dolls.

How to Care for Your Torso Sex Toy

After cleaning, it is recommended that you apply talcum powder or renewal powder evenly on the doll. After repeated use, the sex doll's realistic skin may begin to lose some of its softness. If you apply Tantaly's Renewing Powder, this will restore and maintain the sex doll's unique, soft, lifelike texture. It prolongs the life of your doll, increasing your fun and ensuring your enjoyment.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, your sex torso will continue to be a reliable and enjoyable companion, offering you countless moments of pleasure and intimacy. Taking care of your doll not only ensures a hygienic experience but also shows appreciation for this treasured possession that brings joy and fulfillment into your life.

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