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How to Care for Silicone Sex Dolls?

by koro duo 15 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Real dolls currently on the market are mainly made of two materials, one is thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) and the other is silicone. Tantaly TPE dolls are relatively common. First, the price is cheap, and second, its experience is better. However, due to the nature of oil and other materials, the daily maintenance process will be slightly more.

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Unlike tpe sex dolls, silicone dolls are easier to maintain, which is why silicone lover dolls are more expensive. But even if it is easy to maintain, the holder still needs to clean the silicone doll regularly to avoid irreparable damage. Here, a few steps for the maintenance of silicone dolls are simply sorted out to help your dolls stay in good condition.

Due to the non-porous nature of silica gel, silicone dolls have less oil or even no oil, but silicone sex dolls will absorb dust and fluff, so the most common cleaning method is dust removal.

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5 steps to remove dust and lint from silicone dolls:

step 1:

Need a clean soft-bristled powder brush, dipped in some baby powder;

Step 2:

Lightly brush the body surface of the silicone doll to remove all contaminated solid debris;

Step 3:

Use a soft sponge or handkerchief to slide gently along the silicone surface to wipe off fine dust, fluff or hair;

Step 4:

Rinse with clean warm water, then pat the doll dry with a towel, or air dry, remember not to scrub the doll with a cloth, so as not to scratch the body surface;

Step 5:

When the silicone doll is completely dry, you can sprinkle some renewal powder on it, and dust it regularly to help prevent dust from being contaminated again.

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1. For silicone dolls, do not use any care products containing mineral oil, such as baby oil, petroleum jelly, body milk, etc., because they may harden the silicone;

2. Please make sure not to place the silicone doll in direct sunlight, because in order to ensure softness, the strength of the silicone doll will not be made too high, and there will be a risk of cracking.

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