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What It's Like to Have Sex With A Torso Sex Doll

by LIANG LIU 30 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Many beginners are curious what the answer to this question might be. Does having sex with a sex torso feel real? Which is better than having sex with a real woman? Here we will aim to describe the different types of sex you can have with Tantaly TPE torso dolls and what it feels like.

What's It Like To Stroke A Torso Sex Toy?

Most of the torso dolls are made of TPE material. TPE is soft and very realistic to the touch, very delicate to the touch, like a baby's skin. The pussy and anal areas are molded from real people for a realistic and alluring look. When touching the labia, the texture is there, but it is not as soft as the labia of a real woman, and the same is true for the butthole.

Tantaly female torso sex doll have big, squeezeable boobs. Soft and bouncy, this gel-filled breast is the best design out there. There is not much difference between the texture of the touch and the real breasts, and the feeling is even more wonderful and memorable.

What's It Like To Have Vaginal Sex with A Torso Sex Doll?

Tantaly USB Heating Rod Automatic Keep Warm Function 15-20 Minutes Quick Heat Up

The Tantaly torso sex doll's vagina is a unique design filled with richly textured walls adorned with numerous ridges and nubs. Under the action of lubricant, these lines and particles allow you to experience the real squeeze and friction of a virgin vagina. If you use a USB heater to heat up the temperature of the vagina 20 minutes in advance, then with your penis inserted, you will be tightly wrapped by a moist and warm vagina, which feels very real and enjoyable. As the friction builds up, it leads you to orgasm.

What's It Like To Have Anal Sex with A Sex Doll Torso?

Or are you curious about what anal sex feels like? Firmer? Can get more exciting pleasure? The vast majority of people have never experienced anal sex, the main reason is that their partners have not accepted this kind of sex. But ass sex dolls can easily fulfill your desire to try anal sex.

The best position for anal sex is doggy style. Like real anal sex, the anal design of the Tantaly torso doll is relatively tight. The texture inside the anus is also different from that inside the vagina, the feeling of insertion will be another feeling, exciting and real.

Final Thoughts

The feeling of having sex with a torso doll is such a joy that it's hard to put it into words. If you are really eager to know the answer, then take the first step bravely, choose a torso doll you like, and try this curious sex position. Life is short, have more fun.

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