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Multi-angle Comparison of Silicone Dolls And TPE Doll Materials

by koro duo 07 Apr 2023 0 Comments

The sex dolls on the market are mainly made of two types of torso dolls: full silicone and full TPE. All Tantaly torso sex dolls are made of upgraded TPE. In order to let everyone know more about the materials of these dolls, the following will give you a comprehensive and multi-angle comparison and analysis of their differences.

When it comes to choosing the perfect sex doll, the material is a crucial factor that significantly impacts the overall experience. Silicone and TPE are two of the most popular materials used in sex doll manufacturing, each offering unique characteristics and benefits. In this multi-angle comparison, we'll take a closer look at the features of silicone dolls and TPE dolls, helping you make an informed decision and find your ideal intimate companion.

1. Materials

Both silicone and TPE belong to elastomer materials, TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer material, and silicone is a thermosetting elastomer. In addition to the simplest touch, there is also a fire method to distinguish. Silicone emits white smoke when it burns, forming off-white residues; while TPE emits black smoke like plastic, forming black oily impurities.

The material basis of TPE is SEBS, that is, hydrogenated styrene-butadiene block copolymer. The hardness of TPE is mainly related to the packing density, oil filling amount and PP content of SEBS, which can be compared with the hardness of silica gel. several times lower.

TPE has the characteristics of high strength, high resilience, and can be processed by injection molding. It has a wide range of applications, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, soft to the touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and has good processing performance. Individually molded. It should be noted that because of its excellent colorability, TPE material is very easy to dye.

The male torso sex doll made of silicone is made of heat-formed liquid silicone, mixed and stirred evenly at a ratio of 1:1, and cured at room temperature to form. This silicone is non-toxic, tasteless, and aging-resistant.

The density of silica gel is higher than that of TPE. If silica gel is compared to rubber, then TPE is a sponge. After zooming in several times, you can see that the molecular structure of TPE is like a sponge, with countless holes, while silica gel is tighter. TPE has better anti-aging properties.

The high density of silicone makes it more malleable and has more room for weight reduction. Therefore, silicone is better than TPE in doll production, such as body curves and skin textures.

2. Feel

The elasticity of TPE is incomparable to silicone, and the TPE material can freely control the different densities of various parts of the main body of the female torso sex doll, so that each part of the doll has a real sense of touch.

When refilling, the place that needs more softness can be adjusted to be hollow, so as to ensure that the curvature, stiffness and real feeling are better restored than silicone. Of course, with the development of technology, silicone dolls can already use ultra-soft silicone with Shore C hardness to enhance the experience, but the cost will increase more.

3. Smell

Dolls made of addition-type silicone do not have any smell, and the TPE material, even the imported polymer TPE used in Tantaly dolls, will more or less smell of glue.

In addition, many merchants use the method of adding fragrance. The addition of fragrance is mainly to remove the smell of the material itself, and at the same time create a romantic atmosphere. The essence has a strong fragrance, but it has many chemical components. For example, the fragrance of dolls is too strong, so more attention must be paid.

4. Texture

Because the silicone material is relatively hard, it is better than TPE in shaping the details of the head. Some simulated facial fine lines and edges and corners can only be shown by silicone, and the overall appearance of TPE is round because of its softness.

5. Stretching

Silicone can be stretched three to five times according to different formulas, while TPE can be stretched six to eight times, so TPE has better pulling force and can do more extreme movements. If you use silicone to make the body of a doll, you need to take care of it. Get it, and the action can't be too big, or it will tear easily.

6. Durability

Silicone is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali, and hardly reacts with any substances except strong corrosive items, so the makeup is more durable and beautiful. TPE is not as anti-aging as silica gel, but it can be remolded, so the price is low, and you can choose to replace it.

7. Price

The raw material price of silicone is several times that of TPE, so all silicone dolls are correspondingly much more expensive than all TPE dolls. Full TPE dolls can be purchased for $800 to $1,300, while full silicone dolls generally cost more than $2,000.


All-silicone solid doll: The head and body are made of silicone. The details of the silicone material are realistic, but the feel is relatively hard and the cost is high. However, because it is relatively hard, it is recommended as a figure. The function is to accompany the photo.

Full TPE physical dolls: dolls made of full TPE material are relatively soft and smooth to the touch, but the details are not as good as silicone, and the price is lower. It is very good as an adult doll and has strong practicability (it is also the type of doll that is currently used in the experience hall. ).

Choosing between a silicone doll and a TPE doll depends on your individual preferences and priorities. While silicone dolls provide a lifelike texture and greater durability, TPE dolls offer a softer and more huggable experience, along with lighter weight and enhanced flexibility. Both materials present their own set of benefits, and the right choice ultimately depends on your desired tactile experience, budget, and maintenance preferences. Whichever material you choose, rest assured that both silicone and TPE dolls are designed to provide intimate companionship and pleasure, making them a perfect addition to your personal journey of pleasure and fulfillment.

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