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How to Buy Clothes for a Sex Doll ?

by koro duo 05 May 2023 0 Comments

Sex dolls are highly realistic adult products that usually come with some clothing and accessories, but sometimes the clothing doesn't necessarily match your preferences or sexual fantasies. Before buying new clothes for Tantlay sex dolls, there are several factors to consider:


Consider the material of the sex doll

Choosing the right material is very important, as the cloth may also have some effect on the doll's skin. Avoid fabrics that are rough, stiff, tear and fade easily. In general, cotton and silk are safer choices.

Choose from sex doll size

When purchasing, pay attention to the size of the female torso sex doll, too tight or too loose can result in an incongruous look, or it may not even fit. When purchasing clothing, it is best to measure the size of each part of the sex doll's body in advance to ensure the correct size.

Lace Bra Set

Choose according to different occasions

Considering that different occasions require different styles of clothes (such as parties, sex scenes, etc.), the type and style of clothes should also take into account the purpose of the sex doll. This can better match your fantasies or expectations.

Styles of clothing that match your ideal style

When choosing, you need to consider whether you enjoy a variety of themes and styles. Some people like sexy and revealing styles, while others prefer simple and cute styles. The choice of sex doll clothes can vary from person to person.

Sports Underwear Suit

DIY clothes

For those who are active enough in creative thinking, you can choose some basic clothes, and then do some DIY modification, add color and texture, and make your own unique style.

In short, when choosing sex doll clothes, you need to consider many factors and match your preferences and sexual fantasies to get a better experience.

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